By updating your front garden, adding a new fence and restoring your driveway you can completely transform the look of your home.


Our client had a tired front lawn with weeds, overgrown pine trees and palm trees. Also in need of attention was the driveway which was cracked and needed to be repaired.

The request was for a low maintenance garden that picked up the front façade of the house. Our designer, Carol McConville, chose a layered planting with the bluestone stepper slabs as the main feature.

A powder coated steel front fence was installed for privacy. This fence will last longer than a timber fence and won’t need to be repainted. It looks great and is low maintenance.

The driveway was replaced with an exposed aggregate finish, providing a more contemporary look.

An automated irrigation system with underground drip was also installed which means once the garden establishes is will be drought tolerant.

With this landscaping complete it has totally transformed the front of the house, and now being low maintenance the client doesn’t need to worry about it falling into disrepair again.