Management Systems


We acknowledge the obligation that comes with the high risk nature of our construction industry and, above all else, we prioritise giving each team member the best chance of exiting their workplace in full health. Under the leadership of our dedicated safety team and our internal safety council, we are committed to driving the strongest safety standards through our ISO accreditation with Occupational Health and Safety Management (AS/NZS 4801). Each team member sits a comprehensive onboarding induction to the Normark family and to each subsequent project they are assigned to. We ensure this compliance remains and evolves with rigorous safety protocols, mandatory training requirements, periodic internal reviews and ongoing annual external auditing.


As a finishing trade we place an especially high focus on the quality of our product – done once, done right. This is supported by layers of control checks throughout the project cycle to ensure we deliver predictable outcomes each time. At Normark, we have secured our Quality Management compliance with ISO AS/NZS 9001 which is rigorously reviewed by our external auditor on the annual.

This accreditation ensures we comply with the required legislation and contractor requirements for our construction partners.

With ongoing infrastructure investment, we will continue to grow our internal processes to ensure the quality of the Normark service remains at the forefront of our industry.


Sustainability is an ever increasing crisis throughout the world and our ongoing purpose is to close the loop of each materials life cycle, eliminating waste. Following the guidelines outlined within our ISO accreditation in Environmental Management (AS/NZS 14001), our team takes great care in minimising our environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices throughout all stages of our projects. We are committed to a carbon neutral target of net zero by the year 2025 to further ensure we are leading by example creating a better tomorrow.


At Normark, we value and prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of their background. We have a dedicated HR department that works to foster these values not only internally with our staff but also with our aligned suppliers and contractors.