6 Simple Landscape Ideas to Improve Your Front Yard

By August 15, 2018January 22nd, 2020Front Garden

People frequently ask us for simple ways that they can improve their front yards. Thankfully, years of experience have given us many ideas to share and in this post, you will find 6 straightforward, cost-effective ways that you can enhance the appearance of your front yard and your home.

Add in vertical details

A flowering vine climbing up a fence or a corner of the house; an ornamental tree with colorful annuals at its roots and tall flowers planted along the front of the house are all vertical details that can add a touch of class to an otherwise common yard.

Design a creative edge

The transition from sidewalks, driveways and even front porches to the lawn are usually abrupt. If you choose one of these edges on your lawn and create a transitional zone between the hard surface and the grass, you can transform the appearance of your lawn.

A transitional zone usually includes a thick layer of bark chips or decorative stones, as well as a few flowering plants or small shrubs.

Create a distinct entrance

A distinct entrance where your driveway meets the road or near your front door can welcome visitors into your home. The secret to making a distinct entrance is to be symmetrical and put identical flower beds or containers of potted plants on either side of the entrance. Emphasizing the entrance like this is especially pretty if you make it colorful.

Add one splash of color

When we think of flower gardens and landscaping, we usually think of blending numerous colors to create a breathtaking effect, but adding one bright color to a lawn can also be impressive.

The splash of color that you add could be an area of colorful ground cover, like purple New Zealand burr or golden creeping jenny, as well as a bed or container of your favorite flowering plant. Remember to choose a brightly colored plant so that it is eye-catching.

Make an eco-friendly “water feature”

Adding a water feature, such as a stream, pool or fountain, to your front lawn is nice, but they can be complicated to install and costly to maintain since they need to be constantly supplied with electricity and water.
You can make a simple, eco-friendly “water feature” by using decorative stones to shape an imitation stream or pool. Planting flowering annuals around this type of water feature will make it even more attractive.

Another easy way to make a dry water feature is to purchase a garden water fountain and fill it with colorful cascading plants.

Carve out a corner of the lawn

Choosing one corner and making it distinctly different from the rest of the lawn can make your front yard look larger than it really is and add a touch of grandeur.

You could pack this corner to overflowing with wildflowers or hardy perennials if you like to garden, or keep the flowers to a minimum and add a garden bench or a decorative boulder.

Implementing just one of these landscaping ideas will add beauty to your home and a personal touch to your yard, without requiring a sizeable investment or hours of work.

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