Front Yard Hill Landscaping Ideas

By June 20, 2018January 22nd, 2020Front Garden

An upward sloping front yard can be an eyesore without proper landscaping. Left to its own devices, it may soon become bare as erosion and a lack of water absorption thin out the plants that manage to grow there. The front yard is an important part of your home’s first impression on visitors and passers-by, so finding solutions to a front yard that slopes down to the house with landscaping is important.

Ideas for Landscaping a Hill

One common recommendation for landscaping a slope on a budget is to plant a hardy ground cover. This can work well with short slopes, but can look messy or unfinished on longer hills. Terracing or creating retaining walls is one of the best sloped front yard solutions for creating a neat finished look that also reduces erosion and water runoff. You can also place large boulders and other features to help retain soil.

General goals when landscaping a hill in front yard are to stabilize the slope, adjust drainage if needed, and ensure it allows easy access to the home as needed. Stabilizing the slope can be done with plants that tolerate well-draining soil, since their roots will hold the hill in place, and with retaining walls and terracing. Transforming a hill into a series of “steps” with terracing creates places for water to sink into the soil rather than running down the surface to the bottom. This makes it easier for plants to grow and thrive, thus reducing erosion. Normark Landscapes can help you figure out your ideal landscape design for the slope to maximize your curb appeal.

If the hill slopes towards your home, drainage issues can be a concern as any water runoff will flow towards the foundation of your house. Landscaping can help correct this with retaining walls and planting choices that will help divert water before it reaches the foundation.

Small Sloped Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping on a sloped front yard can be easier when the space you’re working with is reduced. But for some people, choosing the perfect combination of materials and design can be daunting when options are limited by a small space! That’s where professional landscape gardeners can be of help by providing expert advice to help you achieve the aesthetic look you want.

Choosing a mix of non-invasive ground cover and “feature” plants like flowering shrubs can make your small front yard hill really pop. Choose plants known for erosion control and preferring well-drained soil, and don’t be afraid to incorporate hardscaping to break up the slope. Creating steps or a walkway is another way to help you figure out how to divide the slope as well.

If you want to avoid mowing due to the time investment or due to the steepness of the hill, you’ll want to look for low-maintenance plants that thrive on hillsides to prevent weeds from taking over. Many Australian native plants are well-suited to the job!