The Canna Lily is an exotic tropical plant. Also known as Cannas, they have stunning foliage and vibrant flowers and can look great when mass planted and are often used as a hedge, screen or border.

Canna lilies like a sunny position and grow well in moist soil. These plants are drought tolerant and long flowering. The flower colours range from red, orange and yellow or a combination of these colours. Some stand out varieties are the Tropicanna Gold which has green and gold striped foliage with orange flowers and the Australia which stands tall and has deep purple leaves and brilliant red flowers.

They grow in most areas of Australia and are available in different sizes and are low maintenance. With many varieties to choose from you can get tall or dwarf ones. The height ranges from 1-3 metres. The leaves are also a striking feature of the plant. The large leaves on the Cannas range from green, burgundy to orange and with their stripe detail they really make a statement.

Plant Cannas from winter through to early spring, prune after they have finished flowering and remember to fertilise them with manure. They can be divided by cutting up the rhizomes ensuring you have a latent bud. Divide every 3-4 years in winter to promote flowering and to keep healthy.