Congratulations to Wes Fleming, Phillip Johnson and the entire Australian team that put together this winning garden!


An Australian garden has taken out the top prize at the prestigious Chelsea Flower and Garden Show. For Wes Fleming, head of Fleming Nurseries, this was his 9th and final garden for the show and together with Australian garden designer Phillip Johnson and their team of 18 they became the first Australian team in the 100 year history of the show to win Best In Show.

This year’s winning design was inspired by the Kimberley region of Western Australia and includes a lush desert gorge with massive boulders, a natural billabong and waterfalls using recycled water set against a backdrop of desert wilderness and a native wildflower meadow. Native trees feature strongly and there is a studio pod in the shape of a waratah.

The garden focuses on sustainability and solar powered pumps were installed to create a waterfall surrounded by tree ferns and flowers. There are over 120 species of plants used in the garden.

Fleming and Johnson came to Chelsea with their message of sustainability and to promote the Australian horticulture industry.

“For us it has been about increasing awareness and influencing policy and government about the need for planning, the need for green and better open spaces for environment and have the horticulture industry involved in future planning.” Fleming said.