Low Maintenance Plants Australia

By June 11, 2018January 22nd, 2020Plant Selections

If you want a “set it and forget it” garden, you’re in the right place. Not everybody wants to spend weekend mornings bent over garden beds. If you’re looking for container plants or landscaping plants that are easy to care for, we can help you find the perfect low maintenance plants and flowers for your yard or home.

Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Choosing native plants and plants suited to a low-water environment, like succulents and cacti, is a surefire way to minimize lawn and garden maintenance. In general, you can’t go wrong with native plants. They’re adapted to Australia’s harsh climate and can also act as a source of food and shelter for native animals and insects. Look for perennials that will continue to bloom and grow year after year to maximize your investment.

Another factor to consider: fast vs slow growing plants. A fast-growing plant will quickly cover a bare area but can require pruning after that to keep it contained. A slow-growing plant may leave your yard looking bare for longer but is less likely to get away from you if you forget about it for a time.


Full Sun Plants Australia

Look for drought-tolerant options when choosing low maintenance plants for full sun areas. Looking for eye-catching flowers? The Bird of Paradise is a tough plant despite its beauty, preferring full sun to part shade and well-draining soil.

Other full sun low maintenance flowers include kangaroo paw, spotted emu bush, and camellia. Kangaroo paw forms in grass-like clumps with eye-catching flowers and dwarf varieties can also be incorporated with full sun container plants. The spotted emu bush is a hardy low-growing shrub known to attract Honeyeaters and works well as a hedge plant or ground cover. Once established, camellia plants produce beautiful flowers and require little to no care. Another dramatic plant perfect for full sun is the agave, a desert plant that can be used as a shrub, container plant, or feature.

The Bottlebrush can form into a shrub or small tree, making it a great option for screens and hedges. Their distinctive flowers are a favorite among nectar-eaters as well.

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

There are many low growing perennials for sun available for ground cover. Use them as a drought-friendly lawn replacement or to suppress weeds. Popular options in Australia include Mondo grass and a variety of succulents like the Aussie Rambler, a sprawling low-growing succulent with showy flowers suited for coastal areas and dry inland ones.

Another succulent option is the sedum family, including blue spruce sedum and jelly bean sedum. Blue spruce sedum grows more densely, but jelly bean sedum turns an eye-catching pinkish red under hot sunlight. Some types of bushes can also be trained as ground covers, such as the saltbush. Acacia is another type of plant that can work as a general landscaping ground cover or as a more upright shrub depending on the variety. Some spreading varieties of Acacia are a great option for quickly covering bare areas for a low cost.

Grevillea is another top choice for a groundcover or low shrub, and you have a ton of varieties to choose from. You can pick the perfect shape and size for your space.


Other Factors to Consider in a Low Maintenance Garden

Plant choice is not the only thing you can do to make sure your garden looks lovely with little work on your part. Hardscaping using pavers, gravel, and stones is an attractive alternative to thirsty lawns and high-maintenance flower beds. Using native grasses will help ensure your lawn – if you choose to have one – won’t require too much water.

Container gardens are another great low maintenance option because you can move them around as needed and they won’t spread beyond their containers.


Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Want to take your green thumb indoors? There are a variety of low maintenance indoor plants that can brighten up your kitchen or living room without requiring any fuss. Air plants are a popular choice for sunny windows in bathrooms since they absorb water from the air rather than through roots in soil. Indoor plants in Melbourne are a popular way to brighten your living space!

Classic low maintenance potted plants include the snake plant, peace lily, and pothos. If you’re not the type to remember to water regularly, then your best bet may be succulents and cacti. Options like the jade plant can form small trees or bushes given enough time, and the neat rosettes formed by Echeveria plants make for beautiful container displays. You may want to avoid trailing plants like pothos if you want to avoid pruning or mess.

Looking for flowers or bright colors? Consider an African violet or Bromeliad to bring more colors in addition to green into your home. The Bird of Paradise mentioned in the outdoor plants section can also make a beautiful container plant in your home, as well.

You have many choices available when choosing low maintenance, easy-care plants for your home or garden. If you have pets or children, consider choosing plants that are non-toxic to animals and people if ingested. From shrubs with showy flowers to the unique shapes of succulents, your low maintenance landscape will be far from boring even though it’s so easy to care for!