Despite the past drought it hasn’t diminished the love people have for luscious green lawns. Many like the look and feel of grass underfoot. Yet with so many grasses on the market it can be difficult to pick one.

People often ask “Which grass should I use?” Peter Anderson, Normark’s gardening guru, recommends the best grasses to use for Melbourne’s climate are the ‘warm’ season grasses, which are tough wearing grasses such as Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu.

Peter van Leeuwen from HG Turf agrees, “The Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch are warm season grasses. They grow well in Victorian summers with low water requirements. They are hard wearing and durable. Kings Pride (Buffalo) will grow in low light situations and is great for the home lawn. Kikuyu and Couch are very hardy grasses and ideal for the keen gardener or someone who wants a lawn that will tolerate dry conditions.”

These grasses require less water and are well suited to Melbourne’s harsh summer weather – surviving and often thriving, on what little summer rainfall we get. Warm season grass use an average of 70% less water than common ‘cool’ season grasses in a residential garden. Just remember that like many plants, it needs more water as it establishes its root system.