Now that spring has arrived, there is never a better time to get motivated to do some gardening.

So here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Spring Garden Design

  • Re-seed bare or damaged patches of lawn.
  • Cut back any remaining perennial foliage from last season.
  • Plants that are getting too big for their containers need to be upsized as 90% of their growth occurs during the spring months.
  • You must re-plant any plants that have been in a container for two or more years, even if they have not out grown the container as the potting mix is now degenerate.
  • Remember to water well in the re-potting stage and to also use a slow release fertiliser.
  • Mid-spring is the time to look at fertilizing citrus. You can use the same food that you do for your roses. Chicken poo is also good for citrus. Alternating between citrus food and a general fertilizer is a good option.
  • It is also a prime time to do some mulching. Make the most of the rain that we got in winter and mulch now while there is water in the soil.
  • Start preparing your veggie garden if you haven’t already done so.
  • Spring is the ideal time to get tomato seedlings in the ground.

But most of all enjoy being out in the garden this spring!