5 Trending Ideas for Backyard Garden Design

By February 7, 2018January 22nd, 2020Backyard Garden Design

5 Trending Ideas for Backyard Garden Designs in Melbourne

Is a backyard reno your New Year’s resolution? Summer brings optimal weather to incorporate the latest ideas in garden landscape design. If you’re looking to sell your property in the coming year, start thinking about landscaping changes now so you can be at the forefront of market trends when you list.

Need some ideas? Here’s what’s hot in garden designs in Melbourne right now.

  1. Textural Paving

The minimalist look of large, clean line pavers is out in 2018 and the textured surface look is in. Homeowners are using smaller, textural paving in interesting ways to break up large areas of flagging and cobbles; mixing linear lines with rounded shapes is popular.

Sizes, shapes and finishes of pavers are ever changing, offering unlimited possibilities for your backyard garden design. There are plenty of new and exciting stones on the market, especially variations on porphyry, limestone and granite.

Consider adding textured surface pavers as a pool surround to provide slip resistance, as well as an on trend look.

  1. Fire Pits

Fire pits show no signs of going out of fashion and 2018 is predicted to be their biggest year yet. Many homeowners now consider them an essential part of outdoor living in the cooler months. We definitely recommend adding this increasingly popular feature to your updated garden landscape design.

A great fire pit will bring ambience to your backyard. The idea is to add cosy built-in seating or a sunken bench so can you enjoy your beautiful new backyard all year round.

  1. Outdoor Rooms

The focus for 2018 is very much on the creation of an outdoor room, according to Melbourne landscape designers. This living extension offers the functionality of an indoor space for dining, relaxing and entertaining, but also shelter and connection to the natural world.

Think outdoor kitchens, sunken lounges, comfortable lounge chairs, daybeds, lamps and/or a fireplace when incorporating an outdoor room into your backyard garden design.

  1. Strip lighting

In keeping with the Australian penchant for outdoor living is an emerging trend for ambient strip lighting to compliment outdoor room elements. For use under steps, seats and bench tops, strip lighting in the form of solar LEDs is energy efficient lighting to light the way.

  1. Popular Plants

Garden designers in Melbourne predict that the right type of plants and decorative elements can add to property value in 2018. Here are our top picks for on trend plants:

  • Succulents and cacti continue to be popular as they provide structure and need low maintenance care
  • Introducing signature plants like Agave Americana and blue cactus that can make a statement
  • Using low maintenance ground covers instead of lawn
  • Cloud and sphere pruned plants are growing in popularity and do well in most styles of gardens
  • Colourful pots used as decorative tools to break up monotonous green and inject personality.

If you plan on selling it’s smart to start your backyard garden design early in the year, so you can source the right plants and let them become established.

Normark are landscape designers in Melbourne with expertise in both landscape design and construction. Take a look at our portfolio of finished works for more on trend ideas or contact us if you want us to start work on your garden landscape design.