Having a steep yard doesn’t make it unusable. With a little planning you can transform a steep slope into valuable living spaces.

By making several low walls with level terraces you can create levels that are eye catching. By adding garden beds to the terraced walls you soften the look with the planting and they can become a feature in their own right.

Quite often people use the sloping block to their advantage to separate different areas, for example a flat entertaining area for the adults then steps leading into the kids play area on the grass.

You can also add rocks and boulders which work well to retain slopes in gardens and achieve a softer feel than built walls.

With a little planning you can make a stunning garden with usable spaces which can add to your lifestyle as well as to the value of your property.

If you have a sloping block, whilst it may be a challenge, look at it as an exciting opportunity to add depth and levels but consult with a designer to ensure you get the most out of your area.