Essendon II

With a contemporary renovation of this rendered Victorian property the goal was to create a garden which provided a connection to the inside. The objective was to keep it open and spacious yet still intimate with tree lining and generous foliage. The Birch tree acts as a focal point, as it is the first element drawing the eye when entering the front door. Congratulations to the team at Robert Boden Design for a great concept, it was a joy bringing this to life.


‘Our garden, whilst being low maintenance, provides maximum impact from several different aspects of the house. With floor to ceiling windows it was imperative we got the landscaping right as it encroached into our living areas. We can appreciate it from the kitchen, dining, living areas and the office. Normark Landscapes have constructed our garden that has loads of visual appeal, easy to maintain and is a pleasure to spend time in and we couldn’t be happier.’

Maree, Essendon


Essendon landscape 4

Essendon landscape 7

Essendon landscape 14

Essendon landscape 5