Polished Concrete Surrounds for Fibreglass Swimming Pools

By August 1, 2018Pool

Fiberglass swimming pools were designed to be affordable, attractive, safe and easy to maintain. Polished concrete makes the perfect surrounds for fiberglass swimming pools, because it shares these same characteristics.

Why do we say polished concrete surrounds are affordable?

Concrete is composed of three basic ingredients: water, an aggregate (such as rock, sand, or gravel) and cement. These ingredients are inexpensive and when you mix them together, they provide a hard surface which lasts for years with only minimal maintenance.

Another reason concrete makes affordable pool surrounds is that it is easier to lay than tiles, travertine and other materials. We are also able to use special forms to lay the concrete right over the edge of the pool which eliminates the need for bullnose coping.

How are polished concrete surrounds attractive?

One of the beauties of fiberglass pools is that they can be made in unique shapes. Unlike other pool pavers, concrete allows us to easily lay seamless surrounds around pools of any shape and size. These one-piece surrounds decrease the ant hills, weeds and encrusted dirt which often show up in the seams of other pavers.

Whether you are installing a new pool or just replacing the surround of an old one, concrete is practical because we can make it in a variety of colors, including various shades of black, grey, coral and creme, to match the decor around the pool.

Concrete surrounds are especially beautiful after they have been polished. Once the concrete has dried, we grind its surface down with abrasive discs and then apply a special sealer which protects the cement from surface blemishes and gives it a smooth, shiny coating that lasts for years.

Are polished concrete pool surrounds safe?

Yes! At first glance, polished concrete looks like a surface that would have a high risk of slipping, but it actually provides plenty of friction to prevent accidents around pools.

The cement that we use in the concrete give it a coarse texture, and the range of quartzes, pebbles, and natural stones which we add as aggregates also increase traction on the pool surround.

If your would like to know more about polished concrete pool surrounds Normark is here to help.