Indoor plants are extremely popular right now and no matter what the size your home is, there is always a space or a nook waiting for some greenery. Once you have installed some plants in your home you will be amazed to see what a difference it can make to a room.

Benefits to indoor plants are;

  • Adding greenery inside can instantly lift a room. By simply adding a potted plant you can easily add another style element to a room which isn’t too pricey and instantly adds personality to a home.
  • Indoor plants purify the air and filter out toxins from the surrounding air. By having pot plants inside they absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and refresh the air by releasing oxygen through the foliage.
  • You can change them up easily– move them around the house and swap them around.
  • They balance humidity levels as many plants release moisture into the air through the evaporation of the moisture in their leaves.

Our top 8 Indoor plants;