Do you love the taste of fresh herbs but are sick of spending money on herbs you only use once then throw away? Why not have a go at planting your own herb garden? It is great to be able to grow your own fresh herbs and pick them directly from the garden as you need them.

The hardest part is deciding which herbs you want. With many to choose from, try and work out which ones you would use most often.

Common cooking herbs are;

Parsley used in Italian cooking including pasta, salads and sauces

Coriander for Mexican and Asian dishes

Rosemary for roasts

Basil for bruschetta, pizzas and pesto

Thyme for soups and stocks

Mint for salads, desserts and drinks

From here you can make a judgement as to which pot/s you would like to plant them in.

Things to consider;

  • How many herbs?
  • Which ones?
  • Inside or outside?
  • Pot/s or plant directly into the garden?

Top tips;

Many herbs grow well indoors where they are protected from the variable temperatures outside not to mention the pests and insects. Ensure the plants have at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Drainage is very important so make sure your herbs aren’t over watered. Check the soil with your finger before watering, if it is dry then water and let it drain completely before watering again.

If you are planting outside Rosemary is a great one to plant in the garden as it is drought tolerant and does well, however if you are planting Mint it is best planted in a pot as it is an invasive plant and grows like a weed.

Regular clipping encourages further growth and if flowers appear it is a sign you aren’t clipping regularly.

With not much effort and minimal expense you can have the satisfaction of growing your own kitchen herbs and have them on hand whenever you need.