Our landscaping process starts with design. We offer a service of designing a concept and developing this to working drawings. The benefit of this service is to plan a considered solution for your garden using our professional experience. We will provide a price for construction early in the process to allow for informed decision making as the design progresses. We follow a three step process as we create a landscape design to make sure that the design is the very best that it can be. These are the three steps that we follow:


We see the garden as an extension of your home so it’s important for us to get to know you first. We begin our design process with a meeting at your home to discuss your brief and assess the existing conditions. We like to get to know how you live and how you intend to use the space so we can tailor your design to really work for you and your lifestyle.

We get a full snap shot of your lifestyle so we can create a garden that works for you, whether that be low maintenance if you lead a busy lifestyle or perhaps a veggie patch if you enjoy tending to the garden. We take into consideration any issues like safety, excessive sun, drainage issues so we can ensure our design aims to combat any potential issues.

During the visit we also study the topography of the land and find out what types of soil it has, so that we have an idea of what nutrients it is going to need and how water drains from it. We also identify micro-climates. These micro-climates can be areas that are completely shady or those that receive full sun. Familiarising ourselves with the micro-climates, soil and topography of the land that we will be landscaping helps us to determine what plants to use, where to install elements of the hardscape and also what type of maintenance the landscape is going to need.

We also pay special attention to scale and proportions at concept stage. The beauty of a landscape is determined by how well its different elements complement each other. In order to maximise the beauty of the landscape, we hold all the elements in the landscape to a scale that fits the surrounding environment and keep them in proportion to each other.


If you decide to proceed with a Normark Design our team then gets to work on creating a concept design encompassing all our learnings from our initial meeting with you. This is usually a 4-6 week process. The plan view landscape design is presented detailing the overall layout, planting options, material selections and image mood board. We present this to you in person and welcome client collaboration during this stage and work until everyone is happy.


Once the concept is approved we can develop the design with the level of detail necessary to carry out the landscape construction including:

  • Landscaping plan with datum levels
  • Lighting plan
  • Irrigation plan
  • Drainage plan
  • Material specifications
  • Planting schedule

We will specify all material selections, plant types, technical information and construction requirements.