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Transform Your Small Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

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Small backyards are often undervalued. They seem too small to use for anything important and gradually become a rundown place to exercise dogs or store surplus stuff. We have encountered many backyards like this in our years of landscaping. If your backyard is in bad shape, we want to tell you that it can be transformed into an outdoor oasis – a place to entertain, relax and LIVE. Here are some ways that you can modify your small backyard into a useful, attractive and inviting extension of your home. Enclose it for privacy For generations, backyards were left open to…

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Simple Landscape Ideas for Small Backyard – Landscaping Your Backyard

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Landscaping Your Backyard The front yard is for impressing your neighbors, but landscaping your backyard is all about you. Even when you’re working with a small backyard area, you can create a space that acts as a private retreat for you to relax with friends and family. Landscape design pictures and inspiration often seem to involve huge areas, but working with a small backyard requires a focus on functional and simple landscapes with maximum effect. Small Backyard Landscape Ideas The perfect backyard for you is unique depending on the total area available, any slopes or uneven ground, the availability of…

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At Normark we like our gardens to have a consistent pallet around the perimeter. This can be achieved in numerous ways but a cost effective and high impact solution can be installing a climber frame. It would be priority to paint all boundary fences with a dark colour exterior paint so that the green of the plants are exaggerated when growing up the mesh frame. We like to use the one plant type for the perimeter to provide an elegant backdrop for the garden.
Climbing frames can either be a steel weld mesh, timber lattice or stainless steel yachting wires. Material used will depend on the end result desired.
Have a look at some of these climbers, they look so much nicer than a plain fence.

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How to keep your lawn weed free

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Love walking on grass with bare feet but don’t want to risk the sting of weeds? With a little effort you can make your grass safe to walk on without having to do the hot shoe shuffle!

First and foremost it is vital that you use a good quality soil before you lay down the grass. The cleaner the soil with the less weed seeds in it the better. It will make a big difference so in this instance go with the more expensive and higher quality soil.

Treat it with broad leaf weed killer 8-12 weeks after laying and for ongoing treatment once or twice in winter. If you don’t like chemicals try pulling the weeds out or using steam or hot water on them.

Another key to avoiding weeds altogether is to mow regularly.

Remember it is important to stop the weeds before they seed, that way you will stop the next generation.

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