Concrete Pool Surrounds

Need a Pool Surround that is Both Beautiful and Safe?

By Concrete Pool Surrounds

As swimming pool owners, we install pool surrounds for practical reasons. For instance, a surround creates a barrier between the pool and the lawn. This keeps the grass from being constantly splashed with chlorinated water, as well as prevents dirt from going into the pool. A pool surround also makes it easier for us to invite friends and family over, because we have room to set out pool chairs and perhaps even install a personalized BBQ area. To be honest, though, we want more than just practical benefits from our pool surrounds. We want them to be more than a…

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Which is Better – a Concrete or Paver Pool Surround?

By Concrete Pool Surrounds, Pool

Everyone who owns a pool eventually has to decide what type of surround to put around it. Pool surrounds can be made of various materials, with concrete and pavers being two of the most popular choices. At first glance, concrete and paver pool surrounds may look like equally good options, but there are some important differences which make one of these options stand out. Which one is it? Read on and we will show you. Paver Pool Surrounds Pavers have been around for thousands of years. Long before they were used to make pool surrounds, they paved roads in ancient…

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