Garden Lighting with Reece

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Outdoor lighting products make a beautiful and practical addition to any home, allowing you to enjoy your landscape long after the sun goes down. Lights can be simply integrated to create the mood and effect you desire. They are ideal for highlighting the key garden features while providing safety and security. Because they are low voltage, your landscaper can install them.
With garden lighting you can bring the outdoor areas to life.

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How to keep your lawn weed free

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Love walking on grass with bare feet but don’t want to risk the sting of weeds? With a little effort you can make your grass safe to walk on without having to do the hot shoe shuffle!

First and foremost it is vital that you use a good quality soil before you lay down the grass. The cleaner the soil with the less weed seeds in it the better. It will make a big difference so in this instance go with the more expensive and higher quality soil.

Treat it with broad leaf weed killer 8-12 weeks after laying and for ongoing treatment once or twice in winter. If you don’t like chemicals try pulling the weeds out or using steam or hot water on them.

Another key to avoiding weeds altogether is to mow regularly.

Remember it is important to stop the weeds before they seed, that way you will stop the next generation.

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