5 Ways to Personalise Your Outdoor BBQ Area

By January 8, 2019January 22nd, 2020BBQ

Outdoor BBQ areas are versatile. You can use them for relaxing family dinners, as well as entertaining family and friends, and you can personalise a BBQ area to meet your individual needs and preferences.

If you are installing a new outdoor BBQ area or updating an old one, here are 5 ways that you can personalise it:

1. Modify the design

Every BBQ area, no matter how simple it is, has a design that defines how it looks and functions. Here are three ways that you can personalise its design:

Cover it completely, partially or not at all
Traditionally, BBQ areas have been left uncovered. You can, however, give them a solid roof by covering them with a gazebo or shelter, or cover them partially with a pergola and a climbing plant for a more light and airy effect.

Enclose it on one or more sides
Enclosing a BBQ area on one or more of its sides gives it a whole different ambience. It sets the area apart from the rest of the yard and increases its appeal by shielding it from view and transforming it into an intimate area. You can enclose a BBQ area with privacy screens, a glass fence or even a row of hedges.

Differentiate the flooring
The flooring in a BBQ area significantly influences its style and appearance. Solid wood, composite wood, concrete, ceramic and porcelain tile, as well as inlaid brick or stone, are all options to consider.

2. Handpick the grill and accessories

Every BBQ area must have a grill or change its name. As you personalize your BBQ area, take the time to research and handpick the grill and any accessories that you might want. Below is a list of different options to get you started.

Gas grills are currently the most popular type of grill. They are easy to use and moderately priced. Charcoal grills require a little skill to heat the charcoal to perfection, but they add a wonderful smoky flavor to everything they touch. Electric grills are a great option if you are short on time or space and they are super easy to use. Kamado grills are a variation of the charcoal grill. They have an egg-shaped, ceramic body that allows you to control the temperature and smoke as you grill.

Pizza oven
If you love pizza, you might want to install a pizza oven next to your grill. Most pizza ovens burn wood, but there are also gas, charcoal and electric options. Pizza ovens can be made with bricks and cement, steel or even fiberglass.

Installing a sink in your outdoor BBQ area can save you multiple trips inside to wash your hands or cooking utensils. Outdoor sink and faucet combos come in stainless steel, polished marble or even enameled cast iron.

Outdoor refrigerators are a wonderful addition to any BBQ area. They are made to be extra sturdy and are perfect for chilling drinks or keeping dessert cold.

If you love to serve drinks before or after you meals, you’ll definitely want a bar conveniently close to your grill. Bars come all shapes and sizes and can be made from a wide variety of materials including solid wood and hand-woven, resin wicker.

Storage options
Most BBQ areas need some storage space. Outdoor benches and seats with built in storage spaces are practical options. You can also invest in outdoor cabinets that will provide plenty of storage, as well as useful counter space.

3. Create your own style

Your BBQ area can be proper and formal, or completely informal and casual – whatever you choose to make it. The outdoor furniture that you add to your BBQ area strongly influences its style. Here are some options to consider:

Dining sets
If you have enough room in your BBQ area, a dining set with a table and chairs is a nice addition. There are outdoor dining sets made to fit every taste. Some of the most stylish are made from hardwood, ornate cast aluminum or rattan wicker and glass.

Lounge chairs
Any BBQ area can benefit from a few lounge chairs. These wonderfully practical chairs come with adjustable reclining positions and can be fitted with trays to hold cups and plates.

Outdoor sofas
Outdoor sofas are comfortable for eating, visiting and even napping. The best ones come with independent sections, usually several seating sections and at least one ottoman, that can be mixed-and-matched to fit your needs.

4. Incorporate your personality into the decor

Your BBQ area doesn’t need to please everyone, but it should please you and reflect who you are, as well as what you love. Here are 3 easy ways to make your BBQ area truly yours:

Display your hobbies
This can include showing off the best photos that you have taken, brightening up the area with your own potted plants or leaving your favorite table game out for everyone to enjoy.

Personalise the colours
Colors affect our mood, behaviour, stress level and in some cases, even our blood pressure, but how colors affects us is subjective. Take some time to notice which colors make you feel happy and relaxed and then incorporate them into the decor of your BBQ area.

Showcase special memorabilia
Have you travelled the world and collected souvenirs? Or did a grandparent leave you with a meaningful antique? Consider displaying objects like these in your BBQ area to remind you of good memories and to start conversations with friends.

5. Add special lighting

We talked in depth about landscape lighting in an earlier post and mentioned how the play of light and darkness brings a landscape to life. The same is true of a BBQ area. You can use various types of light fixtures, as well as different strengths of lights, to create a blend of light and shadows that will add  intrigue, beauty and appeal to your BBQ area, while also increasing its usability.

We hope this article has given you a lot of good ideas of how to personalise your BBQ area. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.